Hurt In A Wreck? Avoid Making These Moves After An Auto Accident

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Hurt In A Wreck? Avoid Making These Moves After An Auto Accident

7 December 2022
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Knowing what not to do is important after you have been injured in a car accident. To be paid what you are owed you need to avoid making some common mistakes. Don't do what some other unfortunate victims have done. Read on and find out more and learn from them.

Don't Avoid the Doctor

No matter how minor you may believe your injuries to be, don't miss out on medical treatment. You could be hurt more than you think. Go by ambulance, have a friend drive you, or make an appointment with your doctor after an accident and get checked out. Be on the alert for several weeks after the accident for medical conditions that may take more time to become apparent. If you fail to get medical treatment of any type, you cannot make a claim for personal injury damages.

Don't Neglect Your Medical Condition

Many accident victims don't realize the importance of their medical situation. Not only should you seek treatment, but you must also pay attention to your condition after a wreck. That means following the doctor's orders, taking the medication, going to physical therapy, and generally doing what you've been ordered to do. If you don't, the insurer for the other driver might refuse to pay for your expenses based on your failure to mitigate your injuries.

Don't Speak About Your Accident

Stay off social media for the time being and be careful who you talk to about the accident and your medical situation. If you are contacted by the other side, you don't have to talk to them and you would be better off not doing so. The amount they offer you is not likely to be enough to adequately compensate you for your damages. Let a personal injury lawyer negotiate with the insurance carrier for you and get you what you deserve.

Be Aware of Surveillance

You might be caught off guard when you realize that someone is following you around. It's not that uncommon for insurance companies to watch accident victims when they are in public and it's perfectly legal for them to do so. The idea is to catch you doing physical activities that you claimed you could not do because of the accident. Medical expenses are high dollar forms of damage, but the seriousness of your injuries could also be a considerable influence on your pain and suffering award.

Find out more about the above issues and more by speaking with a personal injury attorney.