What Do You Do If You Get Into A Car Accident While You're On Vacation?

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What Do You Do If You Get Into A Car Accident While You're On Vacation?

22 February 2021
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Vacations can give you a break from real life, but they can still come with real-life dangers. If you need to drive to get around on your vacation, you can get into a car accident just like you could back home. If you do get into a car accident while you're on vacation, here's what you should do.

Call the Police

It's usually a good idea to call the police in any accident. You also need to do it while you're on vacation because it may be the law. For example, your home state might not require you to call the police for an accident that only has minor damage, but the state you're visiting might require a police report for any amount of damage.

If you don't get a police report when you need to, it could put you at risk of having your claim denied. The reason would be that you don't have the required evidence.

Call the Rental Car Company

If you're driving a rental car company, call them to report the accident. Even if you didn't buy the rental car coverage, some states require the rental car company to automatically provide the legal minimum amount of insurance by law.

Usually, you'd need to go through the other driver's insurance or sue the other driver to get covered for your car accident personal injuries. However, you want to make sure that you're able to get any no-fault or other medical payment coverage that you're entitled to.

Go to a Local Doctor

If you're injured, think you may be injured, or even if you think you're OK but took a hard hit, go to a local doctor to get checked out. If you wait until you get home, the other driver could argue that you got hurt after the accident.

Remember also that if the other driver is found to be at-fault for the accident, they're responsible for your medical bills.

Use a Local Attorney

If you need to sue for your car accident, you need to use an attorney who works where the accident happened. That's because the laws vary in each state. A lawyer who works near your home won't be able to file a lawsuit in your vacation destination unless you stayed in your own state or the lawyer happens to have a license in both states.

To learn more about what to do if you get into a car accident while you're on vacation, contact a local car accident attorney today.