What Questions Should You Ask Potential Accident Attorneys Before Hiring One?

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What Questions Should You Ask Potential Accident Attorneys Before Hiring One?

14 March 2023
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It can be difficult to navigate the legal system, and it's even harder if you have been injured in an accident. You may not know whether or not you should contact an attorney or if it's better to try to figure out the system on your own. 

In most cases, it's best to contact an attorney after having been involved in an accident. Car accident attorneys have expert knowledge of personal injury law and can also help you speak with your insurance company as well. This can help you get your proper compensation so you can focus on healing. 

Here are some questions you should ask potential accident attorneys before hiring one to ensure you have the best chance at success.

Ask What Area Of Personal Injury They Specialize In

While there are many accident attorneys who can represent you in a personal injury case, not all specialize in car or truck accidents. They may focus more on workplace accidents or slip-and-fall accidents. It's a good idea to hire an attorney who specializes in car or truck accidents.

An attorney who specializes in vehicle accidents has the experience of knowing the law within your state and how it can apply to your case. They know how to gather evidence from witnesses, camera footage of the accident, police reports, and responding officers. They know how to work with your medical staff to get your treatment records and find out how the accident affected your ability to work or enjoy life.

If you were involved in an accident with a truck, an attorney who specializes will understand the law surrounding who can be sued in a potential case. This could include the truck driver, the company they work for, and even who does their truck maintenance.

So it's a good idea to ask about what area of personal injury your potential lawyer focuses on to get the best results.

Ask What Legal Options Are Open To You

In every state, personal injury law, and specifically car or truck accident law, is different. While most states have very similar laws surrounding who can sue and for what reasons, each state has its own laws and regulations on car accident claims.

When you are interviewing car accident attorneys, find out what legal options are open to you. If the accident is recent, you potentially have more options available than if you waited for a few years. Most states do have a statute of limitations on when you can file a personal injury claim after an accident. 

Reach out to a car accident lawyer for more information.