3 Factors That Might Weaken Your Claim After A Commercial Vehicle Wreck Accident

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3 Factors That Might Weaken Your Claim After A Commercial Vehicle Wreck Accident

11 April 2022
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The law gives you the right to sue the wrongdoer in an accident involving your commercial vehicle. The court compels the individual to compensate you for the injuries and damages you've sustained. However, several factors will determine whether or not you will receive the rightful compensation. Moreover, a slight error can lead to claim rejection. That is why consulting a lawyer after a commercial vehicle wreck should be at the top of your mind. They will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case and develop a strategy from that point. This article looks are various factors that can weaken a commercial vehicle wreck case and how an attorney approaches the situation. 

Your Involvement in the Incident

A determination that you played a part in the collision might weaken your commercial vehicle wreck claim. However, this does not disqualify you from getting paid for your injuries. Even though you may qualify for compensation, the amount won't be as much as you would receive if you hadn't contributed to the collision. 

This situation calls for the intervention of an auto accident lawyer. They will present evidence showing your contribution to the commercial vehicle wreck accident. That way, you will only pay for the damages equivalent to the percentage of your fault.

Evidence That Is Too Weak and Unreliable 

Weak evidence can easily give the at-fault party an upper hand in the lawsuit. For instance, they can argue that your injuries are not accident-related or not as severe as you state. In this case, your commercial vehicle wreck attorney needs to collect the necessary medical records to make your claim stronger. They might also request additional medical tests to determine the healthcare services you require in the future. Besides that, they gather evidence from the accident scene, including pictures, videos, and witness statements. Sufficient and reliable evidence strengthens your case. 

Sharing Incriminating Information

The steps you take immediately after a collision can make or break your lawsuit. For example, you can incriminate yourself by admitting fault to the onlookers. Likewise, giving incriminating evidence during interrogation can make the insurance company reduce or deny your claim. Therefore, seek advice from your auto accident lawyer on what to say to investigators, onlookers, and other drivers so as not to give implicating statements. 

A weak claim gives the opposing party an upper hand in the case. Therefore, the best way to develop a strong case is to work with commercial vehicle wreck attorneys. They will achieve this by gathering evidence and making convincing submissions in court.

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