How Do You Handle An Injury Suffered By Your Child?

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How Do You Handle An Injury Suffered By Your Child?

15 June 2021
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It can be tough when your child is injured in a situation caused by another person's negligence. You'll need to look at this case a bit differently than if the injury happened to you, which is why it helps to know the following tips. 

Know Situations Where Injuries Happen

Kids get injured for a variety of reasons, often because they are less aware of the vulnerability of their bodies at a young age, which leads to taking risks. These types of injuries will cause the responsibility to fall on you as a parent rather than someone else. However, it's important to be aware of the situations where child injuries are more likely to happen due to the negligence of another person. 

Premise liability situations can happen to a child when there is something about the area they are in that leads to the injury. Some examples: if they are with you in the grocery store and suffer a slip and fall on a wet floor; if your child grabs onto a handrail and it becomes disconnected and gives way; or if there are uneven sidewalks with cracks that cause a child to take a nasty tumble with riding their bike or scooter. These are situations that are out of your child's control, and liability can fall on someone else. 

Know How To Deal With Injuries To Your Child

Much like your own personal injury, you need to have your child checked out by a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis of what is happening. They may not want to visit the doctor, but you have to in order to start documenting the injury by a medical professional. Waiting it out at home to see if it gets better can make it seem as though the injury was not serious enough to seek immediate medical attention. 

Be aware that your child is not going to be able to articulate an injury as well as you can, and it will involve a lot more work to get the information out of them so that you can fully understand the injury. For example, they may not be able to accurately describe mental anguish or fear as a result of the injury. This is also where a medical professional can come in to help evaluate the severity of their injury. 

What Happens If You Receive Settlement Money?

If you do go through an injury lawsuit on behalf of your child, know that you may not receive the money as the parent for pain and suffering damages. It's possible that a special needs trust may be set up to hold onto your child's compensation until they are old enough to receive the money and be responsible with it.

If you have more questions, contact a local personal injury lawyer.