3 Things To Know About Trucking Related Auto Accidents

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3 Things To Know About Trucking Related Auto Accidents

23 November 2020
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Were you in an auto accident with a semi-truck? Not only will your accident likely result in an injury, but dealing with the accident will be quite different than what you expect. Here are some things you should know about a semi-truck auto accident.

Semi-Truck Drivers May Be Breaking The Law

One thing that you must realize about a semi-truck accident is that there may be more going on with breaking the law than you think. Semi-truck drivers do have limits on how many hours that they can drive due to safety reasons, and simply being beyond their allotted hours for the day can be enough to make them liable for a crash. It's important that you work with a lawyer that specializes in trucking accidents because they know all of the ways that a trucker could have been breaking the law at the time of a crash.

Semi-Truck Drivers Must Keep A Log

Drivers are required to keep a log of their hours to ensure that they are not driving more than they are allowed to. Unfortunately, it is possible for drivers to fabricate the log to meet their deadlines. A lawyer is going to know how to prove the validity of the log if they suspect that something about it is incorrect. For example, they can use previous destinations and mileage to prove that a driver was on the road for longer than they said they were, which may be what you need to prove that the other driver was fatigued at the time of the accident.

Semi-Truck Accidents Have Multiple Entities To Sue

Another problem with a semi-truck accident is that there are multiple entities that can be sued in a lawsuit. There is going to be the driver themselves that could be responsible for causing the accident. There is also the trucking company that they work for, which may have dictated the driver's hours and encouraged them to break laws regarding hours on the road. The insurance company for the trucking company can also be involved since you will likely be receiving compensation from them for the majority of your injury claim. 

A lawyer is necessary in this situation to ensure that you are going after the right entities for the right amount of money to maximize your compensation. Without a lawyer, you may end up receiving less money than you deserve. 

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