Why A Truck Driver Is Still Liable For A Tire Blowout

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Why A Truck Driver Is Still Liable For A Tire Blowout

10 November 2020
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Commercial truck accidents are among the most devastating accidents you can experience. While many truck drivers do everything they can to try to avoid accidents, some drivers, unfortunately, experience blowouts that cause them to lose control and crash their trucks. There are several reasons why truck tire blowouts are dangerous and why you'll need to contact a truck accident attorney promptly.

Tire Blowouts Can Be Prevented

There are steps that a truck driver can take to avoid a tire blowout. The blowout is usually the result of the company failing to properly maintain the tires. A blowout is not the same as a flat tire. Instead of the tire deflating, the tire explodes. This often leads to the truck driver losing control of the truck and crashing into other vehicles. This usually occurs when the truck driver is traveling at a very high speed and the act of speeding itself is a form of negligence. Because of the size of a commercial truck, this type of accident can be catastrophic and lead to expensive medical bills.

The Truck Crash Investigation

After you contact your truck accident attorney, the investigation begins immediately. Your attorney will attempt to determine why the truck accident occurred. If the truck driver was driving recklessly and this lead to the tire blowout, the driver may be responsible for the accident. However, the company that the driver works for will also have vicarious liability. This means that you will likely need to seek compensation from the driver's employer rather than the driver themself. However, this isn't the case if the driver is an independent contractor.

Maintenance Issues

Even if the driver is not negligent in how they drive, they may be negligent for not properly maintaining his tires. While on the expressway, the tire might experience a blowout and the driver may then crash into you. If the driver or the trucking company is at fault, you'll want to seek compensation from the commercial insurance provider. However, the blowout may also be a result of negligence on the part of a mechanic who serviced the tire.

However, when you are working with an attorney, you will be working with a professional who can get to the bottom of why the truck experienced a blowout. Once you have determined the culprit, you'll usually be able to receive a higher settlement if you seek compensation from the commercial insurance provider due to the higher policy limits. Reach out to a truck accident attorney to see if you have a case.