How To Know If You're Entitled To Workers' Comp As A Delivery Driver

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How To Know If You're Entitled To Workers' Comp As A Delivery Driver

6 October 2020
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Businesses rely on parcel delivery services. However, many delivery service drivers will have accidents that will lead to serious injuries as they try to deliver packages on time. If you are a delivery worker who is an employee and you suffer an injury, you will be entitled to compensation through your employer's workers' compensation insurance provider.

Types of Injuries Experienced by Delivery Drivers

Because delivery drivers are constantly on the road, they are very likely to find themselves in auto accidents. Also, delivery drivers can sometimes be bitten by dogs, trip and fall, and even be physically attacked. Regardless of how you are injured, you should be covered by workers' compensation insurance as long as you were performing work responsibilities. 

You may also suffer injuries due to carrying heavy packages such as back injuries. Oftentimes, repetitive strain injuries can develop over time and you might find it difficult to prove that you were injured. 

Challenges You Might Face When Seeking Compensation

Oftentimes, your employer and the workers' compensation insurance provider will do everything they can to deny your claim. A common tactic is to try to argue that you were not injured within the scope of your employment. This may be a problem if you use your time carrying out deliveries to run personal errands. If your employer is calling your claim into question, you'll want to speak with a workers' compensation lawyer.

You may also be misclassified. Based on how you pay your taxes and the control that your employer has over your work environment, you may be legally considered an employee. For example, if you are provided with a vehicle and instructed to work within certain hours, you would be considered an employee. 

Insurance providers will often try to deny the claims of delivery drivers because the injuries that delivery drivers suffer can often be very severe. For example, a delivery worker who is hit by a car can suffer very severe injuries. 

Alcohol and Drug Use

Even if you are operating fully within the scope of your employment, you may be denied if you were under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Some delivery drivers use drugs to help them work longer hours. However, because this is illegal and may lead to a denied claim, you will want to speak with a law firm to make sure that you are able to prove that you were not under the influence.