Should I Apply For Worker's Compensation After Falling On A Construction Site?

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Should I Apply For Worker's Compensation After Falling On A Construction Site?

7 May 2020
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Accidents that involve falls are very common in the construction industry. Employers are expected to create a safe work environment so that employees do not fall and suffer serious injuries, even if they are also required by law to offer worker's compensation. 

Worker's Compensation Coverage

Falls are one of the most common causes of an injury on a construction site. If you are more than six feet above the ground, you are at risk of a fall. If you have suffered a falling injury as a result of worker's compensation, you may be entitled to medical expenses and you may also receive your wage while you are unable to work. 

In some cases, the fall might not be only covered by worker's compensation. For example, if a third party played a role in your fall, you may actually need to seek compensation from the third party through a lawsuit. This type of accident might involve a piece of defective equipment or an independent contractor might have been on the worksite and caused your fall through his or her negligent behavior. If this happens, you'll want to speak with a worker's compensation lawyer.

When a Third Party is Involved

When involving a third party, you will still receive compensation through worker's compensation insurance. However, you will also want to pursue a settlement. The worker's compensation insurance provider will be reimbursed and you'll be allowed to keep whatever is left over. You may be able to sue for a greater sum of money when suing for pain and suffering in addition to medical bills.

Reasons to Hire a Worker's Compensation Attorney

Receiving worker's compensation isn't always easy. You might receive a settlement offer that doesn't pay for all of your medical bills. Judges will often approve of settlement offers that are not fair. Therefore, you'll need a workers compensation lawyer who can help you seek the best possible settlement.

Worker's compensation insurers try to deny your claim if they can find any justification. This can lead to you be forced to pay for medical bills while also not being able to work. Many workers fail to appeal when they could easily win an appeal with a worker's compensation lawyer.

There are several other problems you might encounter, such as an employer retaliating against you after you sue and complications that might arise from your wish to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Regardless of what it is, you'll want to see an attorney as soon as possible.