Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Also Handle Auto Damage Claims?

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Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Also Handle Auto Damage Claims?

31 March 2020
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After your auto accident, getting compensation for your injury is the primary focus of most auto accident attorneys. But, in many cases where you're badly injured, your car also suffered. If you're stuck without a vehicle because of damaged sustained in your auto accident, it's important to know how you can get vehicle compensation and get back on the road fast. Read on to learn whether your personal injury lawyer will also handle your auto damage claim. 

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

Personal injury lawyers negotiate with the person responsible for your injury and their insurance providers. Your lawyer can also take the case to court if necessary to get the compensation you're owed. During the negotiation process and/or court proceedings, your auto accident attorney works to get monetary compensation not only for your medical bills but also for your personal pain and suffering.

Essentially, pain and suffering is a separate type of compensation for physical pain and emotional distress caused by your auto accident injuries. Usually, this means that your personal injury lawyer does not manage your property damage claim (damage to your vehicle). However, what do you do if the responsible party won't pay for your auto repair or replacement? Fortunately, your lawyer may be able to help out. 

How Your Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Get Paid For Auto Damages

Most auto claims (those for the vehicle itself) are very cut-and-dry. One or more professional adjusters evaluates the auto damage and then provides a detailed report. The responsible party's insurer then typically sends you a check to pay for repairs or a new vehicle. If you don't agree with the amount they offer, you can get another repair estimate from an independent adjuster. Or, you can visit several auto repair providers to get estimates that prove the insurance company isn't offering enough to get the vehicle repaired and ask them to increase the compensation. If the insurance company refuses to pay reasonable repair costs after you've made an effort to work with them, ask your personal injury lawyer to help. 

Often, a personal injury lawyer who is already handling the injury portion of your case will be happy to send a letter to the responsible insurance company regarding the auto repair or replacement. In most cases, this letter is enough to prompt the insurance company to issue a fair and reasonable check for your vehicle replacement or repair. In almost all cases, you'll receive auto damage compensation long before your personal injury case is settled. 

If the insurance company refuses to issue reasonable compensation for your car damage, just reach out to your personal injury lawyer for help. You'll be back on the road before you know it!

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