How Your Injury Lawyer Can Help Get The Maximum Compensation Possible

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How Your Injury Lawyer Can Help Get The Maximum Compensation Possible

24 March 2020
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One of your concerns after suffering a personal injury may be getting the most compensation possible from the person that hurt you. That's where a lawyer can step in to assist during the legal process. Here are some ways that a lawyer is able to maximize your compensation.

Having A Thorough Medical Evaluation

Expect your lawyer to have you get a thorough medical evaluation to help document the extent of your injuries. This can help when trying to justify additional compensation for injuries that have not healed by the time of your settlement. You need a complete picture of your overall health so that those future medical bills can be properly estimated. Medical evaluations can also help confirm the cause of your injury to avoid casting any doubt on how the injury really happened. 

Proving Fault

The key to your whole personal injury case is going to be proving that the other person was at fault for causing your injury. Some states have laws that will reduce your compensation based on a percentage of fault, which is why the goal is to prove that the other person was 100% responsible if possible. Your lawyer can help do this by using case law to show previous situations where a similar accident occurred, and how a judgment was ruled. This is something you'll definitely have trouble doing on your own. 

Performing A Background Search 

Your lawyer can also perform a detailed background search on the responsible party to see if there is anything that helps prove your case. For example, they may uncover a series of similar accident lawsuits that can help demonstrate negligence. Having that history of behavior can help prove that the accident wasn't your fault and that the defendant is the responsible party.

Identifying All Insurance Policies

It is possible that the responsible party has limits on their insurance policy that state how much a policy will payout. Getting compensation beyond the policy limits can be difficult because then it will be the responsibility of the individual person to pay up. A lawyer will help identify all possible insurance policies that you can seek compensation form. Between home, auto, and business insurance, there are many ways to approach how to receive compensation based on insurance policy limits. To find out more about getting the maximum compensation for a personal injury, reach out to a company such as Kenneth P Hicks.